Our national and international clients, from family-run and small businesses through to midsize companies and major corporations – come from a variety of exciting sectors:

  Industry - Production - Construction & Crafts  
  Retail - Import/Export - Transport
  Consumer & Capital goods
  IT - Electrical industry 
  Medical technology - Pharmaceuticals - Healthcare
  Marketing - Market Research - Advertising/Media
  Hotel business - Tourism

JobFlex AG offers a comprehensive recruiting service and relieves clients of recruitment and selection processes. After carefully analysing the assignment, JobFlex draws up a suitable job profile for the vacancy with the defined key qualifications. The specialist and social competencies are identified in a thorough, structured and personal discussion/interview and – at the client's request – we follow up references and conduct individual aptitude tests and handwriting analysis. After carefully evaluating the potential candidates, we identify the most suitable applicants. We thus create meaningful profile recommendations and present a small selection of them to the client. JobFlex AG guarantees absolute discretion.
COACHING - Your personal support in looking for a new job
Professional application document are crucial to your success! With our many years of experience, we assist you in preparing, checking and reworking your application documents in line with your profile and the job for which you are applying. You can send us your entire job application portfolio by e-mail for us to check and take advantage of our full service for revising your documents for a lump sum of CHF 500. In addition, we can rework or prepare individual documents, such as CVs, letters of application, speculative applications or application photos. We are also happy to support you when applying for jobs in English including CVs. You can use our consulting services for all aspects of the application procedure and we will identify your individual professional development opportunities and discuss them with you. If you are invited to attend an interview or an assessment, we will be pleased to provide advice at short notice.
Bridging staff shortages with temporary employees is an opportunity for employers and job seekers. Neither party makes any long-term commitments, and only minimal effort is required before the employee's first day at work – because you can leave the professional referral service to us. You tell us who YOU ARE LOOKING FOR and WE'LL FIND a selection of staff from our tried-and-tested pool of candidates for you. You'll receive profiles of suitable applicants and are free to decide whether you wish to employ them.

Temporary positions are an opportunity for a fair practical test. What better way is there for an employer to verify whether a candidate is really the right person for the job before the position is offered on a permanent basis? And conversely, the job seeker can also gain a clear idea of whether the working environment, the tasks and the chemistry are right.

Payrolling means that we handle the entire (swissdec-certified) salary administration for your temporary and/or permanent staff. We perform the following tasks professionally and reliably:
  Entry and processing of master data, preparation of the contract
  Preparation of time sheets, payroll accounting and payments
  Work related to social benefits, such as: old-age and survivors insurance (AHV), insurance for loss of pay due to illness,
    accident insurance and pension fund
  Registration of child allowance, application for work permits
  Preparation of salary statements, year-end settlements, etc.

As a result, you free yourself up from salary administration tasks – and do so at preferential conditions. Gain time for your core competencies and save costs!

With mandate-based recruitment, the client exclusively commissions JobFlex AG with the entire recruitment process. This includes addressing potential applicants in a suitable way using selected media channels. It also involves organizing all aspects of the job advertisement, such as writing the text and coordinating with the media partners through to signing off the final proof and approving the advertisement. The client pays only the actual price of placing the advertisement, plus VAT, at cost price.
We are also happy to test candidates' foreign language skills. For such purposes, we join forces with a language teacher who works as a translator (German, English and French). Interested? Then give us a call. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you leave us your phone number, one of our consultants will call you back promptly.